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How’d One Hour Tees get into the Wrestling Business?

It was Summer 2010 and I got an email from Scott Colton. He said, “Hey I got your name from a mutual friend, not sure if you’re familiar with me but I’m a wrestler named Colt Cabana and I have a friend named CM Punk who is in WWE that needs a shirt to wear on tv that says, I Broke Big Show's Hand.” They came by, I had CM Punk sign my shirt, we took some pics and they left. Colt emails me some time after asking about printing up some “I Star Colt” t-shirts for him. He told me he just started this new podcast (now known as "The Art of Wrestling") and in exchange for making him some free shirts, he would make me “the go-to place for wrestling t-shirts”. I’m like yea, right, whatever, sure, let's do it....

What We Do!

Here at ProWrestlingTees.com we work directly with some of the greatest wrestlers in history. By allowing wrestlers to create their own stores it gives you, the fans, the opportunity to own t-shirts you have seen at shows, in pictures or may have never seen before. All stores, products and photos are owned by the wrestlers themselves. Profits go directly to the wrestlers to support what they do and what you love. 


What else do we do?

We run a custom t-shirt shop in Chicago. We print for over 800 schools nationwide, 1000's of businesses and do tons of one-off gifts at our retail store. Our main business is doing custom apparel, but we also have a bunch of other websites you may have heard of..... Shirtsicle.com, ProWrestlingCrate.comClotheslined.com. All apparel is officially licensed.