Pro Wrestling Crate

Pro Wrestling Crate

The best subscription mystery box in the wrestling game. Pro Wrestling Crate provides you with exclusive merchandise every month for as low as $9.95 per month. Sometimes Pro Wrestling Crate has overstock, which is what you'll see below. Enjoy!


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  1. Mystery Micro Brawler Overstock Grab Bag (Free USA Shipping)

    If you purchase more than 8 you may receive doubles.

    Micro Brawlers come in packaging but are not guaranteed mint on card. Packaging may arrive slightly damaged.

    Each grab bag includes a Micro Brawler from the past. This may be from a past or an item sold on Each Figure differs in exact size but are approximately 3” tall

    Designed in Chicago. Made in China. Comes with custom packaging.

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  2. Mystery Loose Micro & Chibi Brawler Grab Bag (Botched & Near Mint Possibilities) - FREE USA SHIPPING

    All brawlers come loose in a plastic zip lock due to damaged packaging. Some brawlers have defects. Some brawlers are perfect.

    12 different brawlers available including limited runs & crate chases. There are a few 2021 & 2022 crate brawlers as well.

    If you order more than 2 brawlers you may get doubles.

    Each Figure differs in exact size but are approximately 3” tall

    Designed in Chicago. Made in China.

    No Coupons Allowed

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  3. Mystery Pin Overstock Grab Bag (Up To 9 Pins)

    All Pins are licensed and sold by Pro Wrestling Crate

    You may receive the same pin if you order more than 9 Pins

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  4. PWCrate Collectible 5 Pack (Fun Wrestling Items)

    Add A Random Exclusive Collectible 5 Pack To Your Shopping Cart Today!

    May Include a Wrestling Related: Pin, DVD, Comic, Toy, Koozie, Keychain, Glasses, Pen, Glasses, Bottle Opener, Lanyard, Button, Poster or so many other awesome items from!

    If you order more than 1 pack you may receive duplicate items.

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  5. Mystery DVD Overstock Grab Bag

    All Dvds are licensed are sold in past Pro Wrestling Crate boxes

    All come in case or jacket, various sizes

    You may receive a Blu-Ray DVD

    If you order more than 3 DVDs you will receive doubles.

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5 Items

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